Main Control Panel

GE-UNIT-DF16 DF 16 Zone Control Panel with Voice Response
Each of the zones are fully programmable ( e.g interior, exterior, entrance / exit door etc ) and can be activated for maximum protection whenever the zone is triggered
The area partition allows the control panel to split zones into different area operation. Each area carries a separate control for its designated functions. The panel operates effectively as two differant system sharing with one alarm outputs
The smart dialer built in the system is able to inform you when the alrm is triggered. It is so powerful that you are even able to arm or disarm the system through any touch tone phone. There are a total of four phone numbers that can be programmed
The Control Panel in the system can turn your system on or off with your PIN number and control outputs that activate anything that can be switched on and off ( light, electric door, radio, air-conditioner and etc )
The Voice assisted security control provides you with understandable English audible information about the status of your security system. The Voice announcement are zone open, zone triggered, system status, system armed / disarmed, home automation, memory /bypass mode, AC failed/restored, battery low. The message is easily accessible through your mobile phone
Surface Mounted Cabling
  • PVC casing or conduit.
  • Duration of work 1-2days
  • Work involves drilling of concrete, ceiling and exterior wall
  • Minor Patching after complete installation
  • Cleaning of installation debries
  • Testing and Commisioning

Conceal Cabling

  • All cables will be conceal inside concrete or gysum board wall
  • Duration of work for cabling 1-2 days
  • Duration of work for installation 1-2 days
  • Work involves cutting of concrete wall with diamond cutter
  • Minor Patching after completion depending on changes
  • Cleaning of installation debries
  • Testing and Commisioning

 1.  DF 16 Zone Control Panel With Metal Housing and Lock  1 unit
 2.  DF Digital Keypad  1 unit
 3.  Yuasa Back-up Battery 7 AH  1 unit
 4.  Step Down AC Transformer  1 unit

  • 16 Programmable Zones
  • Maximum 6 Keypad
  • Baby Friendly Commands
  • Built-In One Touch Arming
  • Status Indicators
  • Event Memory
  • 2 Partition
  • Zone Sensitivity Adjustable
  • Inteligent Switching Arming Mode
  • Intelligent Switching Arming Mode
  • Multiple User Codes
  • Built-in 2 Automation Point
  • Built-in Multiple Fuses for Better Protection
  • Keypads Lockout to Prevent Unauthorized Guessing
  • 2 Inteligent Zones to Minimize False Alarm
  • Programmable Siren Timer
  • Both Way Reporting to CMS & 4 Personal Numbers
  • Fax Machine Override
  • Remote Arm / Disarm Via Mobile Phone
  • All Zones Status Check via Mobile Phone
  • Home Automation-Active During Entry & Exit Time
  • Home Automation- Follow Zone Triggered
  • Home Automation- Follow Trouble Condition Exists
  • Dynamic Battery Test
  • Door Chime
  • Walk Test Mode
  • Watchdog Monitoring to Prevent Lightning Surge