Main Control Panel

GS-UNIT-SUPA8 SUPA 8 Zone Control Panel

There are some things that ought to be properly protected.

Supa 8 Series of control panels have a digital dialer built-in which allows alarm messages to be sent to either a monitoring company or a friend's or relative's telephone.

If you forget to turn the system on when you leave the premises, no problem! Just switch it on using the nearest telephone - the control panel can be operated remotely from any telephone.

Quality & Reliability

SUPA8 series incorporate the best of Australian know-how and ingenuity-the quality is built-in, not added on. The control panels have been designed with a very simple purpose in mind-to detect alarm and report them. The control panels are not stripped down versions of more expensive systems (although there are more expensive systems on the market without the capabilities of SUPA8)


The real test of reliability is when things are at its darkness-when the power goes off. Even then, the SUPA8 will remain fully functional, thanks to a backup rechargeable battery power supply.


  • Sixteen User Codes

  • Supplied In Non-Flammable Cabinet

  • Home & Away Modes Of Arming

  • Fully Programmable Zone Types

  • Up to Five Keypads Per Control Panel

  • Panic, Duress, Test And Quick-Arm Codes

  • Arm/Disarm Remotely Using Any Telephone

  • Optional No Restore And No Isolate Reporting

  • Optional Entry / Exit Warning Beeper

  • Fully Up And Downloadable Via Modem

  • Separate Zone Programming For Home Mode

  • Optional Away And Home (Zone 8) Key-Switches

  • Isolate Reporting In Contact ID

  • Sequenced Entry Via Optional Primary Zones

  • Review Mode To View Zone And Non-Zone Alarm

  • Personal Dialing Siren Tone Or Zone Identification Beep

  • Optional Dialer Lockout Per Zone (1 Trigger Per Zone)

  • Walk Test Mode With Zone Lamp Latch And Siren / Strobe Test

  • Optional Siren Lockout Per Zone (1 Siren Activation Per Zone)



  • Dialer Formats: Contact ID And Personal

  • Optional Siren Squawk To Turn On / Off Or Alarm In Home Mode

  • Door Monitor Zones In Home Mode With Keypad Beep

  • Timed Test Reports With Trimming Capability

  • Optional Pulse Count Zones With Programmable Pulse Count

  • Delay On Low Battery Alarm And Restore (10 Minutes)

  • Optional One Time Code (Code 15)

  • Optional Reporting In Home Mode

  • Optional Siren Toggle Zone (Zone 7)

  • Optional Delay On AC Fail (30 Minutes)

  • Trigger Panic From Remote Telephone

  • Alarm Memory Retained Until Panel Reset

  • All Inputs Like AC, Telephone and Zone etc; Are Well Buffeted With Heavy Duty Lightning Protection Devices & Design

  • Watchdog Circuitry

  • Status Output

  • Arm Output

  • PSTN Line Monitor

  • Built-in 2 automation with feedback


Product Catalog


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