EntryPass Proximity Solution

EntryPass Platform 1 Access Control

At initial conception, EntryPass Platform1 Access Control System was developed with enterprise capabilities in mind. It is a powerful client server based software application that provides all the features required in the most demanding application.

EntryPass Platform1 Access Control is modular in nature, it allows future expansion of its functionality based on userís needs to keep up with day to day changes that occur within small or large enterprise.The system can grow from just a few doors to thousands of doors on distributed sites.

he system uses client server architecture based on industry standard operating system, networks and protocols. The architecture supports hardware and software that link nodes to a single integrated system.
The system provides an easy to navigate tabbed menu system to drive user to the desire location with just a few clicks on the mouse button.




  • Online Guard Tour
  • Lift Access Management
  • User Friendly
  • Email & SMS Notification
  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Emergency Roll Call
  • Client Server
  • Comprehensive Time & Attendance
Software Management