Swing Gate

Ga-EL-OAESwing Elock Heavy Duty Arm Gate ( 400kg )

Swing TypeArm ( Heavy Duty )

  • Driving method:electro-mechanical screw driver piston type
  • Operating Voltage:DC 18V for normal speed/DC 12V for ending speed
  • motor output:15watt per arm
  • motor amp:2.1
  • piston displace:32cm
  • piston speed:2.9cm/sec
  • back up battery:12volt.7AH rechargable
  • safety clutch:electric current sensing using HI-amp auto-reverse
  • safety barrier:infrared beam sensor(optional)
  • electric controller:micro-processor based
  • temperature:8 to 80
  • gear box:three stages plaanetary reducer
  • manual operation:special released key during power failure
  • max.wrt of gate:400kg wing with force adjustable
  • max.length of gate:5meter per wing