Swing Gate

S-320 H Electro Mechanical Operator for Folding & Swing Gates
The S-320 H is the most functional, desirable solution for any type of folding and swing gate. It has a powerful 12VDc motor, which provides exeptional starting torque and features soft start/stop operation.
The Special arm is ideal solution for wide pillars and is capable of operating gate up to 3m per leaf and weighing up to 300kgs.
It is the best way to automate a gate without altering its shape and design.
it also with large posts, lighweight structures and operator life, as well as dependable performance.
Besides it's stylish outlook, the S-320 H cover was specially designed and make with weather resistance material to provide longer period of usage.
  • Operator 12vDC, Self Locking
  • Easy to install and service
  • User-friendly, Simple and Safety unlocking system by key
  • Quikck and Silent
  • Continues to work even during power failures using optional battery
  • Fewer connections mean quicker installation
  • Suitable with large post
  • Advance and Circuit board which offers soft stop
  • Pillar Light multi operating function.
  • Infrared safety sensors, automatically reverse the gate before making contact with any object while opening.


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